Phew Phew Phew


I had gone to see someone at their office to discuss some matters. Prior to going, I had been listening to some music. When I got there, I did my usual – put my precious headphones in my little pot and close the pot. I distinctively recall taking the pot down instead of putting it in my handbag. Then I went into the office.

Later, as I left, I didn’t notice if I took the little container with me. Off I drove to my next destination.

I sat down to wait to be called. To my horror, I couldn’t find the precious little cream box. I searched every pocket and section of my handbag as well as the computer bag. It was not to be found.

I called the previous place I went to . They searched and no, it wasn’t there. I had visions of visiting Yamaha at MF to get another set. After all they would be the ones I can trust…

Then I decided to try one more place.

After my appointment, I headed to my car. It was raining. I made a dash for it. I unlocked the car doors and hopped in.

And there it was. Sitting happily at the section near the gears. What a relief! I really like these ones….

A Special House



There is an interesting boat house. Right in the middle of the waters off Perth, perched above the waves, all by itself. It is supposed to be very expensive and the last one of its kind …. or so I am told…. in that area.


Apparently it is also the most expensive boat house there is! Something about the owner originally not being keen to sell when others around were. The owner supposedly held out for a long time thereby increasing the price…. or something like that! IMG_8465

Kings Hill Park


The most amazing walk.


With good company


Splendid weather.


Fantastic views

IMG_8451Definitely worth a visit. It was good the night before but my camera wasn’t up to it. This day however, made me feel like I wanted to settle there. Haha!










It’s winter. It’s windy. But it’s beautiful too.

From Fremantle we make our way to the nearby scnenic Cottesloe Beach.


How can anyone go into the water? It looks so cold! I am told they surf there and have lots of activities during the summer. The winds whip up the big waves as they splash against the rocks and roll onto the sand. IMG_6862I wish I could stay longer. It feels like a place of special encounters. Haha!





It was supposed to be winter and it had rained the day before. But when it was our turn to go out, the weather was glorious. Friends took us to the historical city for the customary fish and chips. Not being much of a foodie myself, I was more caught up with the view and scenery. Isn’t this an amazing sight? It was also a somewhat poignant moment as I realised that somewhere out there is supposed to be the place where the plane MH 370 is….


We took a walk around and the clean fresh air was a delight.. The blue sky above made the waters below an amazing hue of dark blue.

IMG_8256After the sumptuous lunch, our friends took us to taste wine. Amazing. They give little cups for you to taste. And Hubby enjoyed himself immensely Haha!


It was a good, albeit short visit to Fremantle, thanks to friends!



Fast Food





There is fast food and there is fast food. The ones I knew before were often oil-saturated and not very healthy. Imagine my surprise when we realised that there was an alternative.

Here is Hubby queueing up. We had taken a bus to this huge mall. After wandering about, we got a little peckish and decided to get a meal. We noticed what seemed to be quite a filling warm meal being served at this counter.


After a little wait, Hubby came over to where I had sat down, booking some seats and resting my feet.

This is what he brought over. He had a beef stew and I had a baked potato.IMG_8160

The beef was surprisingly tender. The sauce, just nice. IMG_8162Loved the sour cream that went with the baked potato!

Hubby and I struggled to finish the big portions. Are these Australian portions? Yum!


Quite a Shop!



My friend, having been resident in the land for many years, knew exactly where she wanted to take me to next. This, I am told, is the best place to get these fresh produce, and in bulk!

So we head to this place and get an parking space very nearby. I am rather taken aback at the cost of parking, but I am told that this is because this is practically in the heart of the city.


As soon as I part those plastic sheets, the amazing array of smells hit me. Tumeric. Curry. You name it, they have it.

After trying to pronounce the name of the shop with the right accent (They are Greek, I am told) I go mooching about. IMG_8410There are so many items here that it takes us quite a while to explore everything. Even the basic chia seeds has so many varieties.IMG_8406Altogether a good shopping trip as I end up buying more things…. We get things for ourselves, for our friends. Some are healthy things like the chia seeds. Others are kind of “sinful” like fat-rich macadamia nuts! Haha!

Glorious Weather Glorious Day



It’s my kind of weather. Cool. Dry. Clear.

What scenery. What food. What company. What a memorable trip. IMG_8278I must say that the place wasn’t all the hype made it out to be, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Hubby had free beer tasting which he enjoyed. We had good company and hilarious time reminiscing. Memories galore shared, some of which I had forgotten about.

Altogether, this made into the  list of one of those unforgettable days.

Up Up and Away


It was a special deal. Hubby and I got carried away in excitement. It was such a good bargain. We decided to put the money down and work out the remaining logistics later.

IMG_8083So it was, that we hopped on to a plane a few weeks later and we went on a five and a half hour flight south of the equator. It was our first trip south together. What fun and excitement…. especially since we didn’t know what would be in store!

More in the next posting then….

Like I Said


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… the sunsets here are goooooood!

Someone else agrees!


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