A Love Affair



Yes I am happily married, and have been so for over 30 years.

I refer to my passion, my desire, my love for these! Fountain pens!

I just love being able to write smoothly and nicely in cursive writing. Hmmmm I wonder if anyone knows what cursive writing is these days. It started in school but also from my maternal grandfather. He and my Mom had the most amazingly beautiful handwriting and I wanted to emulate them. So when I could afford them and when I wasn’t so busy, I got myself these lovely works of art.

My passion also runs along the colours of ink. I used to function with only one bottle. But not any more. I now have blue-black, green, purple and turquoise blue. No, my list isn’t in order of my preference. Which colour I use depends entirely on my mood except the blue-black which is for more formal.

“Wait”, I hear you say. “That’s four colours and three pens.”

Well spotted. That was an old photo. Here’s a more recent one!FountainPens4Taaadaaa!


Purple Output


So I had a craving for this fruit.
IMG_5722It was in season and in abundance. So very yummy, juicy without being too sweet. Loved it so much that I ate and ate and ate. It slithered down the throat so nicely that I didn’t realise how much I had.

So much that it affected my output, scaring me like …..! Wondered what had happened to me!

Took me a good twenty minutes to calm down and figure out that what goes in comes out too…. Phew!


Fruit Platter


So I started off with being undecided. I had to go for a gathering but didn’t want to go empty-handed. I opened the larder and there wasn’t anything there that I could conjure up in a jiffy. Time was running out.

I pulled open the fridge door. For a change, we had lots of fruits! Reaching in to grab some of the fruit that were contrasting in colour, I then started to cut.

Along the way, I was surprised at the way things turned out. Do you like it?
IMG_5771I do! Made it mouthwateringly nice!


Walk and View



This was the view from my evening walk the other day. I downloaded the photo I took and used it as the wallpaper for my computer. Nice? I think so!Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.56.36 PMI’ve said it before, and I will say it again – my place has the best sunsets ever!!! No kidding!


Black and Powerful



Another power-packed item. This time this is edible. Called canon ball eggs, they are not at all the size of the ammunition we know. Actually, they are only about the size of a thumb. The size of my thumb, which is small! But oh, they are  power packed in taste. Cooked in tasty herbs, they are addictive and flavourful.IMG_5563I wonder who brought them to the gathering the other night. Hmmmm I must try to find out.


Four in One



We walked into this shop. Arrow #3 and I were hunting for some nice tops.

We had walked to quite a few places already. No joy.

Then as we were leaving, something caught our eye. The shape of the big bag was cute. We checked the price. It was reasonable. Then I opened it up to see what was inside. Expecting stuffed paper I asked Arrow #3 to come closer so I could pass her the stuffing whilst I checked for inside compartments.

Imagine our surprise when we realised that there was a smaller bag inside.

Then our surprise grew when we opened that one to find yet another smaller bag.

You would think that we would be sufficiently surprised by the time we got to the fourth bag.
IMG_4647Well, the other major surprise was that the original already-reasonable price was not for one bag, but for all four. That was SUCH an amazing deal, Arrow #3 and I got a set each!


When Small Things Make A Big Impact


I didn’t think I had done much.

Thought it was the least someone ought to do to help.

Small matter but it made a difference I guess.

So they got together and did a special card.

They took the time to find a card.

And then to write on it

And what’s more, to decorate it!
IMG_3969This small gesture, to me, means more than they know. Thankfulness is such a rare thing amongst young ones these days. So thankful for their thanks.


Putting It Back On


So I went to swim.

And felt good for it.

Then I went to office the next day.

And found this was delivered for us.

IMG_5074Lovely local cakes called kuih….

The yellow one was corn flavoured – so rich. The multi-coloured one was pandan and santan - lovely combination. The brown and yellow stripe was an amazing aromatic and flavourful coffee one.

And yes, I have put on all the weight, and more, for sure!


Swim Win



I need it! I really do! I need to make time for it! But time can be so scarce…..

Thankfully I have my Arrow to prod me on. She comes home from work (WORK no less!) and tells me that I ought to go with her to the swimming pool.

So I finally get some workout. No excuses. Just plain plod-along-and-go.

swimFeels grrrrreat!


Kept Waiting



This gaudily bright package is three months old. We saw the contents in a shop and immediately decided that it would make a perfect gift for Arrow#3 so we bought it.Purple01 1The problem was trying to keep it hidden from her until it was time for her birthday.

So I did the most practical thing to do – hid it in plain sight… in a different way. I wrapped it up and left it out. She can’t touch it till her birthday and I can be assured that she won’t discover it too early.

Mean right? Haha

Well tomorrow then…



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