Diligence at Dawn


My Hubby and I have been waking up early the past weeks. This habit has spilled over to making trips to the nearby park to walk there. It’s nice to get out of the house early. But I must say it’s not always nice to walk. I bought myself new shoes to help.


But I guess the one thing that would really keep me going – just seeing sunrises like this and more. IMG_1265Oh, and of course, being able to go for walks with Hubby!



Busy Buzzing


He does this every other weekend.

He will get dressed and then go downstairs to do his routine – a safe and sure one.

First, he makes sure the fuel is adequate.

Then he checks the equipment is in good shape.

After that, he test starts it.

Only when he fully satisfied, and only when he is, then he goes to the garden and fully turn the mean machine on.

A portable grass cutter – the tank of fuel sits strapped to his back while the long handled cutting end is held away, controlled with two hands at strategic gripping points.

IMG_1139He’s mastered this art and does it as part of his exercise routine. Cool eh?

An Amazing Sight


It’s dark and it’s pouring cats and dogs. Inside, even before the sun rose, people began to trickle in. Then they came in droves. Soon, the place was packed. It was still pouring outside. But inside, the people had gathered for a meeting. A pre-dawn meeting. How awesome is that! IMG_7746This, then, was the sight that greeted those who arrived late – the umbrella holder is overflowing. There are umbrellas all over the foyer outside to avoid wetting the carpet inside. Wow!


Just Lovin’ It


She’s not quite two and yet she articulates her limited vocabulary ever so well. One very consistent and insistent word we hear is “Guitar”. Her Daddy will play his guitar for her before she goes to bed. Just two songs, and then she will happily turn over in her bed and snuggle to sleep.

Last night, she visited a new place. There, to her delight, there were two guitars! She plucked quite expertly at the strings of the one within her reach. She was quite firm but not without control. Amazing child! 
I think I shall suggest to her parents to look out for some Hot Deals online to get something for her this Christmas. You’d never know – they might have a protege here……!

Time for New Ones


They look new but they aren’t. These are my old faithful track shoes. They went with me to many lands, saw many sights and felt many changes of weather. They have carried me well in the gym and outside, on the treadmill and off. You can see the worn out and fraying sole bits at the bottom right of the photo.

shoesAlas, the time has come – they need to be replaced. Will I ever find a suitable pair to substitute these I wonder. I shall attempt to do so next week.


Learning and Fun


We went away for a day to visit some students. We had been asked to do an English project with them. Rather than to do written work which a lot of other teams and groups of people would normally do, we opted to go for verbal skills to let them feel more comfortable speaking English. The games and activities were all geared towards making them speak. Incentives were given – if they spoke in English they would be rewarded with little sweets. If they spoke in any other language, they would have sweets taken away! 

What fun they had. The room was tiny and that meant it heated up really quickly. Lots of screaming and laughter especially after lunch time – the sleepy nodding time Haha! 

At the end, we told them that they were champions and gave them more rewards – specially made cupcakes. This was their response to the cupcakes! 

IMG_7388Everyone of us agreed that we had a fantastic time and were eager to return again…. Now I have to think of more games!


Eating Tomatoes



Here’s a novel way to encourage the tucking in of tomatoes!

Wash and slice them nicely.

Add some pickled sour plum pieces.

Stab a picnic fork in it.

Place in muffin style holders.


A delicious treat indeed. IMG_7223

Phew Phew Phew


I had gone to see someone at their office to discuss some matters. Prior to going, I had been listening to some music. When I got there, I did my usual – put my precious headphones in my little pot and close the pot. I distinctively recall taking the pot down instead of putting it in my handbag. Then I went into the office.

Later, as I left, I didn’t notice if I took the little container with me. Off I drove to my next destination.

I sat down to wait to be called. To my horror, I couldn’t find the precious little cream box. I searched every pocket and section of my handbag as well as the computer bag. It was not to be found.

I called the previous place I went to . They searched and no, it wasn’t there. I had visions of visiting Yamaha at MF to get another set. After all they would be the ones I can trust…

Then I decided to try one more place.

After my appointment, I headed to my car. It was raining. I made a dash for it. I unlocked the car doors and hopped in.

And there it was. Sitting happily at the section near the gears. What a relief! I really like these ones….

A Special House



There is an interesting boat house. Right in the middle of the waters off Perth, perched above the waves, all by itself. It is supposed to be very expensive and the last one of its kind …. or so I am told…. in that area.


Apparently it is also the most expensive boat house there is! Something about the owner originally not being keen to sell when others around were. The owner supposedly held out for a long time thereby increasing the price…. or something like that! IMG_8465

Kings Hill Park


The most amazing walk.


With good company


Splendid weather.


Fantastic views

IMG_8451Definitely worth a visit. It was good the night before but my camera wasn’t up to it. This day however, made me feel like I wanted to settle there. Haha!




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