Road Sense

The lights changed. He pressed the accelerator to move forward. Speed picked up as he nursed the truck across the big junction. Just as he got to the other side of the road, it happened.

Three girls, about 18 years old each, ran across the road.

Two got across safely.

The third one stumbled. Right into the path of his truck.

Instinctively his hand flew to the horn and he pressed it loud and hard. He could feel fear rising up, charged with adrenaline. Would he miss hitting her or would the unbearable happen?

He screeched to a halt. He hadnt felt any impact.

He threw the door of his truck open and strode to the front.

There she lay, shaken but otherwise unhurt, still on the road.

Her friends came over to help her up.

As they strode to the other side of the road, avoiding other vehicles, he could not help the barrage of words that came out from his mouth. The tension poured out. His heart rate would not slow down until he had released his frustration, fear, anger and relief in different languages.

Then my side of the lights changed and I drove off, my heart rate up a little too, having witnessed a near fatality.

This is one such incident of many that I have seen these last few months. What sort of road sense do pedestrians have these days? We widen the roads but not everyone knows how to use the walkways, pedestrian crossings, overhead bridges….

This is Malaysia. The weather is hot and humid. They dont want to wait too long under the sun.

In their impatience they run, putting their lives, and those of other road users, at risk.

It is not enough to teach road sense to the drivers. Pedestrians need to learn too.

More importantly, this should be taught at home. I remember my parents doing it….

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