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The Cutest Little Fella


Meet one of the cutest little fellas! Miracle baby to some good friends of ours. He’s a bright, gentle, good natured 5-6 month old.

Here’s a close up of him, taken with a PDA Phone in dim light. Not bad eh? You can still see his dashing good looks enhanced by his alert eyes.
Might turn out to be a doctor like his Dad. Or a super duper efficient and creative person like his Mom…. or both!

My hubby reckons he is in line to be the next John Sung. Can you see the resemblance?

It’s the hair he reckons! But look at those piercing eyes. Hmmm the little fella might be practising for this John Sung look …..

John Sung was quite an amazing guy. Humble, brilliant, he threw away all his academic certifications while upon entering Shanghai waters in the 1920’s because he felt that he was called to be a preacher. Drastic measures saw dramatic results – he led many to the Lord and his life is a testimony to many till today.

Well, I dont know about the looks myself. But he is in line with the Hoong Bambino to be top kid in my books!

Food Glorious Food


I have been meaning to post on some delicious food I have been introduced to. So here we are….

Introducing Yogur Berry. This is yoghurt ice cream found in Kota Kinabalu’s Warisan Square. Deliciously cold with a nice tang, it is not too sweet.

This is the more elaborate version where you can add fruits and other toppings. It can be a meal in itself!

From the cold to the hot!

Early one weekend, my hubby and I made a day trip out of the city. Along the way back, in the cold mountain air of Mt Kinabalu, we stopped for lunch. This was one of the dishes on the menu. It was a welcome sight on a cold day! The asam fish head curry was served with a flame underneath it. The bubbly gastronomic delight was not merely a delight to behold, but a joy to warm the insides with! I can almost taste the yummy flavours on my tongue again as I type this up!

More about food another time….

“The Best Ever”


It’s been a hectic rush to the year end. But we had time to relax with a good friend, based in West Malaysia, who dropped in for a night. Here we are enjoying what he describes is the BEST FISH HEAD BEEHOON ever!
A good fisherman who loves his fish fresh and cooked well, he thoroughly enjoyed the contents of the bowl we ordered for him.
It helped that he was able to enjoy it in good company – my hubby who also loves patronising this shop – generous portions of good food. Variety with good taste. What’s more, there is no leftover taste of monsodium glutamate – an artificial, thirst-inducing food enhancer favoured by many shops and homes
Not satisfied with the first bowl, here is the second bowl of just the fish goodies that they ordered – the first one was merely an appetizer! You can be sure that we will be back at that shop again!

Tien Tien in Damai Shopping Plaza. Open at the ungodly hour of 7am and open till around 3pm or until supplies run out. Go early to avoid disappointment!

Bowling Anyone?


For the second time in my entire life, I went ten-pin bowling. The first time was a few years ago and I didnt know what I was doing at all, despite my dear husband’s coaching!

This time, my children wanted to join some of the youth. So, as Chief Minister of Transport (the older son is still on probation!) I drove them to the venue.

There, this kind gentleman took a liking to my youngest and gave her some coaching tips, even helping her to choose her ball. I listened in, asking questions which he obligingly answered.

Later, I decided to try to put into practise what I had learned in theory – so I signed up to bowl too!

And voila! My score was an amazing NINETY-SEVEN!

It qualified me into the FINALS of the Youth Bowling Competition – I was into the last six! What a scream!

And bowl I did!

But alas, my favourite ball, the one with a lovely notch for my fat thumb was in use in another lane….

So I did rather badly in the end. I also felt tired, being unused to swinging this extra weight. So I came out last….

BUT I suppose it was better that I was the one who took last place. It would be awful for the youths if this novice beat them!!!!

Hmmmmm that’s a thought! Yaaayy! Let’s go again!

Home Remedy


He had a mouth ulcer. It wouldnt go away. Instead it disturbed him for over a week. Mouth washes didnt seem to touch it at all. It was distracting him.

So his parents made a suggestion. The suggestion, which he took, left him hopping around like a clown on pongo sticks.
They suggested that he used a pinch of Sodium Chloride, applied directly on the offending site!

Sodium Chloride is more commonly known as S A L T……

The Ultimate Chocolate?


It seems kinda wrong to blog about chocolate when my last post was about going to the gym. Might give the wrong impression; you know, that I go to the gym to work off all the chocolate I stuff on!

Blog about it, I am indeed going to do!
You see, recently some friends from the UK gave me a few bars of chocolate. They know that there are two kinds of chocolate that I really like.
I absolutely adore chocolate with orange.
And my all-time favourite chocolate is chocolate with roast almond.
Imagine a chocolate that combines BOTH of these! Pieces of orange and slivers of almond in pure, fine dark chocolate….. drooooool…..

From Gym to Grim


This tells us what sort of heartrate we ought to be striving for when we are exercising, depending on what it is we want to achieve.

A similar chart hangs on the wall of the gym that I go to. It is a source of inspiration and a source of torment. I am glad it hangs on an adjascent wall from where the treadmills are!
But after saying that, I confess that the last time I went to the gym was over a week ago. I havent been for a while mainly because of a packed schedule.
Another reason is because I pulled my back yesterday from trying to assist my hubby with a wheel change – a nail found its way into the back left wheel!

We had just finished having a nice breakfast with a couple from Australia when the sight of a flattened tyre greeted us. My poor hubby had to roll up his sleeves and get to it, work clothes and all!

At one stage I tried to help… and that was when I pulled my back. So now I walk around gingerly, do very little lifting of things, and watch my posture!

Tonight things are a little bit less painful, but the whole area is still tense. There is pain even on the underside of my foot …. That’s not a good sign. BUT it could have been a lot worse! At least I can still sit down and drive!

I am sooooo glad we just bought a new mattress – an orthopaedeic one! The old one was a second spring mattress that came with the second hand bed we bought. Hmmmm did God know this was going to happen and so asked my husband to finally get rid of the old mattress for this new one? Great timing!

Sudden Loss – How One Family Deals With It


What do you do when you lose someone unexpectedly? How do you react?

Recently I heard that a friend lost his father in a violent way. Murder is never nice. The murderer has confessed. But the loss remains.

Anger. Frustration. Sorrow. Fear. Just some of the many emotions one would normally go through in bereavement.


Well, as one of the family members was praying and being silent before the Lord, she saw a picture of her father telling her not to be sad. After all, he was in heaven. Furthermore, the father said that they should forgive the murderer!

So celebrate they did, and they will issue a statement these few days to say that they forgive the murderer!

The wonderful thing about being a Christian is that good byes are never forever.

To be a Cat….

I had been sitting at the laptop most of my waking hours today, trying to rush something out. At the eleventh hour, the deadline was postponed. While I breathed a sigh of relief as I hadn’t completed what I had set out to do, I was nonetheless also rather perturbed.

– The printer wouldnt do what it was supposed to do.
– The internet service kept getting interrupted.
– The information (some of it) kept coming in bits and pieces
– The software I was using sometimes “misbehaved”

And then to top it all off, I had a really lousy aching neck, shoulder and elbow because I had been sitting in one position for so long! I was so intent on finishing my project that I hadn’t realised how time flew before I stretched. I wish I could stretch like a cat – and really strrreeeetch each part. Purrrrrrrr

That’s when you want a good massage!

Planning Ahead


I wrote this for a Christian magazine. But I have since thought more about it and feel it is a current message even today.

The funeral service is in full swing. Several songs have been sung. It is now time for the message. A man stands in front and begins: “Family members of our dear sister, her friends and acquaintances and everyone gathered here, allow me to encourage you. Do not grieve for our dear sister. Do not cry as if there is no hope. Our sister is no longer here. No, she is in a better place!” He gestures to the coffin where the body lies and continues, “What you see there is only the shell. She is not here. That’s right, this is only the shell; the nut is in heaven!”

Well, as far as I know, this funeral service hasn’t taken place yet. But imagine if it really happened. Would the speaker be considered irreverent? Would you be shocked or indignant if you were one of the people in the congregation? Worse, if you were a member of the family, would you look for stones to throw at him?

It all began when I asked a good friend, “Will you speak at my funeral service?” After a slight pause, he agreed. We then discussed how I would like my funeral service to be conducted. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not close to the three score and ten years spoken of in the Bible. Nor am I being macabre. It’s just that I see death as a transition — moving from one address to another. A funeral service, to me, is therefore a sort of send-off party.

So I’ve already written out my funeral service. While I hope that there will be some who will miss me (at least, my immediate family members) and perhaps shed some tears (we are, after all, people with feelings), in general, I’d like to see a celebration! I’ve put some thought into the sort of service I’d like. Being a wielder of the tambourine as an instrument of war and worship, tambourine dancers would be welcome. I have also selected some songs to indicate the genre of music I’d like to have played. The most important part of the service is the message. I want the gospel preached clearly, soundly and boldly. I want the speaker to make calls for salvation; hence, the conversation with my friend.

Of course, I am well aware that he might depart before me. However, he once made a statement years ago that has remained with me to this day. He observed that many Christians live as if their permanent address was here on earth. This is contrary to what we know, but many of us find the thought of dying very unsavoury. We have many things that we desire to hold on to, things that we are not willing to let go of. His stand was that we should move from being “willing to go and wanting to stay” to being “willing to stay and wanting to go”. If these words were spoken by someone who was experiencing a slow and painful death, perhaps we could understand his desire more easily. However, the person who uttered these profound words was very fit and energetic. He was a successful man and in the prime of his life.

Perhaps we should consider what we are willing to die for. What would we be prepared to give our lives for? Our family and loved ones would seem the most logical answer. Which leads then to the next question: Who or what do we love enough to die for?

Recently I had the privilege to meet a young girl who had been imprisoned for her faith. Together with her companion, she was locked up and beaten. But both girls remained steadfast. Furthermore, while detained, they followed the example of Paul by witnessing to their fellow prisoners. I am challenged by their love and passion for the Lord. Such single-mindedness and devotion! Given their lifestyle, perhaps when their time comes to move on, their passing might not even be marked by a funeral service. But they would nevertheless have a tremendous welcome in their new home as they hear the words of the Lord, “Well done, good and faithful servant… Come and share your Master’s happiness.” (Matt 25:21)

When it is our desire to live a life that is good and faithful, serving with a spirit of excellence, not only will we have purpose and meaning to what we do on a day-to-day basis, but our departure will merely herald a reward. May we desire to say as Paul did, that “Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil 1:20b-21).