To be a Cat….

I had been sitting at the laptop most of my waking hours today, trying to rush something out. At the eleventh hour, the deadline was postponed. While I breathed a sigh of relief as I hadn’t completed what I had set out to do, I was nonetheless also rather perturbed.

– The printer wouldnt do what it was supposed to do.
– The internet service kept getting interrupted.
– The information (some of it) kept coming in bits and pieces
– The software I was using sometimes “misbehaved”

And then to top it all off, I had a really lousy aching neck, shoulder and elbow because I had been sitting in one position for so long! I was so intent on finishing my project that I hadn’t realised how time flew before I stretched. I wish I could stretch like a cat – and really strrreeeetch each part. Purrrrrrrr

That’s when you want a good massage!

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