From Gym to Grim

This tells us what sort of heartrate we ought to be striving for when we are exercising, depending on what it is we want to achieve.

A similar chart hangs on the wall of the gym that I go to. It is a source of inspiration and a source of torment. I am glad it hangs on an adjascent wall from where the treadmills are!
But after saying that, I confess that the last time I went to the gym was over a week ago. I havent been for a while mainly because of a packed schedule.
Another reason is because I pulled my back yesterday from trying to assist my hubby with a wheel change – a nail found its way into the back left wheel!

We had just finished having a nice breakfast with a couple from Australia when the sight of a flattened tyre greeted us. My poor hubby had to roll up his sleeves and get to it, work clothes and all!

At one stage I tried to help… and that was when I pulled my back. So now I walk around gingerly, do very little lifting of things, and watch my posture!

Tonight things are a little bit less painful, but the whole area is still tense. There is pain even on the underside of my foot …. That’s not a good sign. BUT it could have been a lot worse! At least I can still sit down and drive!

I am sooooo glad we just bought a new mattress – an orthopaedeic one! The old one was a second spring mattress that came with the second hand bed we bought. Hmmmm did God know this was going to happen and so asked my husband to finally get rid of the old mattress for this new one? Great timing!


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