Bowling Anyone?

For the second time in my entire life, I went ten-pin bowling. The first time was a few years ago and I didnt know what I was doing at all, despite my dear husband’s coaching!

This time, my children wanted to join some of the youth. So, as Chief Minister of Transport (the older son is still on probation!) I drove them to the venue.

There, this kind gentleman took a liking to my youngest and gave her some coaching tips, even helping her to choose her ball. I listened in, asking questions which he obligingly answered.

Later, I decided to try to put into practise what I had learned in theory – so I signed up to bowl too!

And voila! My score was an amazing NINETY-SEVEN!

It qualified me into the FINALS of the Youth Bowling Competition – I was into the last six! What a scream!

And bowl I did!

But alas, my favourite ball, the one with a lovely notch for my fat thumb was in use in another lane….

So I did rather badly in the end. I also felt tired, being unused to swinging this extra weight. So I came out last….

BUT I suppose it was better that I was the one who took last place. It would be awful for the youths if this novice beat them!!!!

Hmmmmm that’s a thought! Yaaayy! Let’s go again!

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