The Cutest Little Fella

Meet one of the cutest little fellas! Miracle baby to some good friends of ours. He’s a bright, gentle, good natured 5-6 month old.

Here’s a close up of him, taken with a PDA Phone in dim light. Not bad eh? You can still see his dashing good looks enhanced by his alert eyes.
Might turn out to be a doctor like his Dad. Or a super duper efficient and creative person like his Mom…. or both!

My hubby reckons he is in line to be the next John Sung. Can you see the resemblance?

It’s the hair he reckons! But look at those piercing eyes. Hmmm the little fella might be practising for this John Sung look …..

John Sung was quite an amazing guy. Humble, brilliant, he threw away all his academic certifications while upon entering Shanghai waters in the 1920’s because he felt that he was called to be a preacher. Drastic measures saw dramatic results – he led many to the Lord and his life is a testimony to many till today.

Well, I dont know about the looks myself. But he is in line with the Hoong Bambino to be top kid in my books!


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