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A Christmas Variety Act


Whilst still on Christmas, last night I went to a church celebration. There were a number of presentations.

* Three part harmony – exquisite voices and parts.

* Praise with Movement – although they hardly moved their feet it was sweet, especially the chubby little girl at the front.

* Concert pianist – awesome fingerwork. Showmanship too. He was raising funds for children in India.

* Children doing a High School Musical dance – they had fun, but what about Christmas?

* Drama on the Nativity – from the perspective of bees and a Sabahan Joseph and Mary.

* A Mime based on the song, “What a Strange Way to Reach the World” or something like that. It was simple and powerful. I texted the leader of the congregation to tell her that she should take them further afield. She replied that she planned to take them to Brunei. So it is confirmation for her!

* Youth dance – my daughter was in it. No comments! Hahahahaha!

* There was even a Lucky Draw, Christianized by calling it a Blessed Draw

And so it went on.

I sat through the evening, I wondered about it. No strong theme throughout. No strong push for altar call. I wondered, what is this all about….

Then the Lord answered.

This church doesn’t need one-off events for outreach. They do it all year round,” He seemed to say.

I thought about that.

This church has recently established a new church consisting of 60-70% new believers. In a short while, they have 100 members. They have another 2 congregations, the youth service, and are planning for a bilingual BM-English congregation next year.

I guess this was a variety act Christmas service, yes.

But it was also a celebration of their diversities as they came together to celebrate the Lord’s birth and reason for His birth.