Death Has Lost Its Sting

Thank you for praying. It has been an eventful past 48 – 72 hours, which, even as I type this, is not quite over yet.

This is the sms I was asked to send out on the night of 30 December 2008.
There were so many wonderful moments and such blessing from the Lord even in such a difficult time. The doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital were wonderful and caring. When Esther came out from the harvesting of her organs, the staff spontaneously formed two lines to salute her and her parents as they escorted Esther’s body back to the bed to await transfer to the funeral parlour.

Later when I spoke with the head of the department, I mentioned how Esther’s parents appreciated the gesture, care, support and expertise. His reply.
My response was to let him know that I was merely conveying what Esther’s parents had told me.

In return he said,
Also from the paediatrician who attended Esther, who visited her at the Funeral Parlour with his boss.
In a short while, Esther’s family will be accompanying her back to Kuala Lumpur where for Esther’s family, the journey continues.

Please do continue to pray for them.


4 Responses to “Death Has Lost Its Sting”

  1. mikestation Says:

    haiya now only i know u got another blog here.

    yes death has lost its sting. only Christians can say that.


  2. Elizabeth Aggie Chen Says:

    New blog…. one of three. Have fun reading and commenting.

    True, only Christians can say that. Such hope in such grief.


  3. mikestation Says:

    nice name.

    how do u pronouce it? Eat Dot Com? So this is a food blog?


  4. Esther’s Story « Metamor4Sis Says:

    […] the end of last year (post Christmas) and even into the new year? You can read more about her story here, here, and […]


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