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Firecracker First Aid


They had a few firecrackers to play with. It was supposed to be a simple affair. Just light and move away.

They had let off a few big ones and a few small ones. Now they were going for another big one.

He lit the fuse.

He made a move to get away.

His foot hit the side of a tile.

The firecracker popped and the others laughed.

Then he realised there was blood on the ground. He looked down and saw a cut on his foot. It was gaping.

He came to look for me.

As an ex-SRN and ex-RM from England, I took one look and knew this was a touch-and-go case. Would he need stitches? He didn’t want to go to the Casualty Dept for the doctors to have a look.

Firmly I instructed him to get some ice on it. Perhaps the bleeding would stop, and the swelling would reduce. A bit of strong tape might hold the edges of the wound together.

Which is what we did.

A few hours later he decided he wanted to have a doctor look at after all. He left with his friends and instructions from me on what to say.

There, the doctor washed and dressed the wound and gave him an anti- tetanus booster shot. He didn’t need stitches.

I think the first-aid helped.

But we also prayed.

No, no pictures. Might be too gory….

Six Minutes of Your Time


As parents, Hubby and I have often said that we hoped for two things in life for our children.

One was that they would have the ability to make right decisions in life.

The other, was that they would have their own personal relationship with the Lord God.

So when I see something like this posted on their site, I must say, it is assuring…. although I know a lot of it is God’s grace.

Take six minutes of your time to watch this video. Turn your sound up and may you be blessed too.

Down! Down! Down!


I refer to the scales of course. The weighing scales. My (current) perpetual enemy! That needle keeps pointing to the higher numbers. I want it to go down, down DOWN!

But in all honesty, I suppose I should pat myself on the back. It’s not been too bad really.

I have been pigging away since last year. Considering that, and this current season where I have baked more than 700 cupcakes (mini ones included), I think it’s still all right. I think about the pork trotter in vinegar ladened with fatty skin, the brownies full of pure butter, the curry chicken that my household help makes, the fried fish crackers that fill three tins…. the dreaded list goes on!

Would you like to know the grand total of increase since I started this season of eating?


(Do you want it in pounds or kilograms? Never mind, I’ll give you both!)

More drumrrrrrroll

I stood on the scales yesterday and today. They tell me that I have gained….

… two,

I repeat

two pounds.

That’s about one kilogram.

Do I hear cheers? Do I hear fireworks going off?

Ah, must be from the neighbours outside.

I need to lose that extra extra quick!

Pulled Noodles


First the duck saga.

Then I gave you the dish of feet.

Now, still along the lines of food (It’s an Asian thing perhaps!) let me present to you the noodles that get pulled.

larmienI do not exaggerate. This young man literally pulls the dough to make the noodles. You can see a video clip of it in Personality Discovery.

Hubby and I went for lunch at this place yesterday. It’s a small shop serving Shanghai fare. Each meal is individually prepared. During peak hours, you’d probably have to wait a little. When the food came, we were impressed by the quality. The noodles were tasty, and the soup just nice.

What’s more, despite it being the Chinese New Year season, they didn’t charge extra!

That, and the taste, will certainly ensure we will patronize the place again.

Where is it? It’s on the Ground Floor of the 1Borneo Hypermall. If you don’t live in Kota Kinabalu, I’m afraid you’d have to fly here to taste it. They open 10am to 10pm daily.

Dish of Feet


Since we had so much to contend with at our New Year Eve dinner, we found ourselves overwhelmed by the food and not vice-versa.

Hubby, wise as he is, knew this would happen. So he prepared contingency plans. He was going to make a special soup!

He got together some ingredients such as mustard vegetables, dried chilli and dried tamarind slices. Making made a few queries to find out more, he then put his plan into action this afternoon. He cooked “choi keok” pronounced “choy” as in ahoy and “keok”, as is key and york with a silent Y.

In the Cantonese dialect, which is my Hubby’s mother’s lingua franca, the words “choi keok” can mean a few a things.

“Choi” can be vegetables or even meat dishes, used as in “What’s the dish (choi) today?”

“Keok” directly translated means “feet”.

Put together, you have a Dish of Feet! Or more correctly, the DISH of LEFTOVERS!

choikeokHere you can see it bubbling away on the stove, made into a lovely soup, fit for a king! Indeed, legend has it that the emperors of China loved this dish.

And so does the king in my castle, my Hubby!

Bon Appetit!

The Duck Saga


We just wanted a duck. A roasted duck. It would be ideal for the Chinese New Year eve dinner. So we went to get one. We knew this shop opened at 8.30am so we set off to arrive at that time, bringing along our plate for it to be cut and arranged nicely.

When we got there, this was the sight that greeted us. duck01The queue folded back on itself three times!

So we asked our foster son to queue while we went to shop other things.

duck02And queue he did.

For half an hour!

This is the sort of thing that was on sale. He had duck, chicken and pork on sale.

duck04But what the people really wanted was the duck and the proprietor kept bringing in more and more of that.


Yes, we were all after the duck. One family ahead of us bought FIVE! At RM48 each, that is not cheap!

duck07So we got out duck finally and went home with it. But it wasn’t cut. The man didn’t have the time to spare to cut it up. He said in Chinese, “Every year also like this! I never cut! Never finish if I cut!”

Fair enough. So I did the chopping up. You can see the results of my mutilating act in The Hinge.

Blog Candy


In the process of taking part in OWOH, I get to meet a lot of interesting people online. Well, I suppose it’s more that I get to see their sits. There are soooo many creative folk out there. Generous too. Some of them are doing giveaways which are nothing to do with OWOH. They just give things away! Another case of too good to be true? Well, check some of these sites out!

Michelle who is based in Japan is giving away two Kodomo stamps and five Copic markers. They look so lovely! You can see some of her craft at her site.

Then there’s Kim. Kim was awarded Papercraft Essentials Papercrafter of the year 2008 so you can imagine the standard of her work. Exquisite!

Third inspiring person is Lorraine from the UK. Her giveaways are all sorts of things you would use to create something pretty for a present.

Not forgetting Caryn, who blogs with a sense of humour and is very generous in her giveaways!

Lorri is another person who blogs with humour and generosity. Go check out her site and see what she has to offer!

These ladies, and others, make me nostalgic. Years ago, before my children were born, I used to make lots of cards as gifts. It was something I enjoyed doing and many expressed how they liked my work. All my best work get given away so I don’t have anything to show now. Then after my children came, things got too busy and I don’t do cards much these days. I am, however, enjoying myself visiting some of these sites. Why don’t you take a little trek over there too? Who knows? Maybe you will get inspired. I think I am too!



Two results to share here today.

Firstly, thank you to all those who commented in support against plagiarization. Feel free to continue and to pass my link round to those whom you think might want to join in.

Yes, I am glad to inform you that the company I was writing for has come up trumps and acknowledged my writing! Needless to say, I am delighted with this.

But more than that, I am touched by the support you have offered. Some of you are total strangers…. friends whom I have not met – yet!

Secondly, for the benefit of those who identified with me on my conspiracy theory, and for the benefit of those who didn’t but drooled instead, here is graphic evidence.

crab_finishedYes, totally gone…..

A Conspiracy


Someone out there is out to get me… I think!

After my last post about being steadfast and firm, about being determined and strong, about needing to make a stand and get on with it (OK so I didn’t exactly use those words, but you get what I mean) I was ambushed!

I came home from one of my trips out and found a box in my kitchen. From within, I could hear sounds.

Not only could I hear sounds, I could smell…. something!

Folks, I found out that a friend who had set off home to Sarawak (the other East Malaysian state) for the Chinese New Year break was stopped at the airport. He had hoped to take back some goodies to cook there. It’s customary that you bring things when you go for a visit, and he had hope to take this entire box with him.

The only problem was, not only were the contents of this box live, the box itself was rather flimsy.

To compound matters, my friend wanted to take the box as carry-on luggage.

You can guess what happened at the check-in counter!

Yesterday evening saw me giving my household help and my children a quick lesson on how to kill and open and wash CRABS! I mean LOTS of crabs!

There’s more – Initially when they had started without me, they were trying to tear apart the crabs without killing them first. (You read correctly.) My household led the way. Needless to say, they didn’t get very far. The crabs were all over the place and their fingeres and hands got sore! (I KNOW what you are thinking!!!!) I wish I had brought my camera along!

Anyway, when I finally got back, I taught them the proper way as we all had a good laugh.

Then another friend came by to share the spoils – they cooked it and we ate it!At midnight! What a half hour Hubby and I had! Silence most of the time because our mouths were full! Hahahaha!


Getting Back on Track


I had been very good towards the end of 2008. (Note the clue – “had”.)

For the first time in my life, I had (properly) embarked on a (much-needed) diet. Before, because I am slightly above average for an Asian woman, I could get away with my weight. Alas, when I reached a certain age (ask me personally and I’ll tell you) the excess began to take its toll. It felt uncomfortable. So, on a diet I went.

And I saw results!

Yes, you’d want to know what it was…

It’s called RESET because it helps you to reset your body and you lose the cravings to eat. At the same time, you lose weight!reset011

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, I was on it intermittently over a few months and saw the effects – lost 7 kgs! More importantly, I didn’t put the weight back on over Christmas!

That’s right, Reset works! It also worked because it also teaches me to eat right – avoid the high glycaemic indexed foods.

Therein lies the pitfall. At times, I have indulged and I have “got away with it”. This was often so much so that I indulged even more. Well, we all know what happened next! The scales don’t lie!

SO! With Chinese New Year fast approaching, and greater temptation for indulgence ahead, (I have a wonderful menu planned for the customary new year eve dinner!) I need to GET BACK ON TRACK!

Others make their new year resolutions. I am making my Chinese New Year resolutions.

I will get my weight back down again! I will get my weight LOWER than before! I will NOT “test” my cupcakes. I will AVOID the sugary stuff. I will ABSTAIN from the high glycaemic index foods (white bread begone!)

That’s five things there. Good enough a start!