Esther’s Ripples

In the midst of the sorrowing over Esther, I told her parents that the impact of her short life would be like ripples.
However, whilst ripples tend to fade as they leave the centre, these ones wouldn’t I told them.

And so it has been.

Her funeral / memorial service has touched many lives.

The gift of her kidneys have already touched two lives.

People have sms-ed and phoned her parents.

And now apparently, a newspaper wants to feature them.

Do you hear the phonecalls? Do you see the emails? Can you visualize the letters? Many will seek them. Many who have undergone similar heartache and loss.

And Esther’s little life will have touched many, many, many others.

Do continue to pray for her parents. Her mother has gone back to work. Her father remains at home to spend more time with her older sibling who is having to deal with his loss too.

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