Finally – Boxed Up

Christmas decorations.

It took ages to put them up.

It only takes only half a morning to take them down.

That is despite my taking care to remove the decorations and sort them before putting them away!

I have been collecting Christmas decorations for years. Each year I will purchase a little bit. Here you see the result of the umpteen years. Hmmm It might even be as long as nineteen years – from the time my eldest was born!
I decided that despite the pagan roots of this festival, the fact that it has been changed to celebrate the birth of our Saviour made it special. Each year as we exchanged gifts, we explained why we gave gifts – to celebrate the ultimate Gift of Jesus Christ.

Of course I was not going to let it stop at just the birth. We always moved to be reminded of how He came to die that we might live.

In this way, Christmas isn’t boxed up. It’s all year round!


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