Self Praise is No Praise

Recently I read this article about a British man who posted praises of himself on a website, pretending to be someone else. You can read about it below. This is in total contrast to what I read here

Mystery author who heaped praise on hard-working councillor is revealed… to be the councillor himself

A bungling councillor has been revealed as the mystery author of internet postings that praised his own work. Ben Grower has been logging onto a website under an unidentifiable username and leaving messages congratulating him on his tireless work. On the issue of the expansion of a dental surgery, the author, using the pseudonym ‘Omegaman’, wrote: ‘Just shows the area does have councillors who care …well done Ben Grower.’ On another issue of a housing plan, he said: ‘I have friends who live in the area. They say councillors Ted Taylor and Ben Grower fought hard against the proposals.’

Ben Grower

Labour councillor Ben Grower admitted he had been logging on to a website and leaving messages praising his work

The revelation comes after the husband of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was unmasked as the author of a series of letters in his local newspaper defending her. Richard Timney failed to declare in the letters that he was Ms Smith’s husband.

Investigations showed ‘Omegaman’ was registered to an email address containing Mr Grower’s name.

When confronted with the evidence, the Labour councillor for Bournemouth Borough Council tried to blame somebody else for the postings before coming clean.

‘It could be anybody. It could be me, it could be Santa Claus’, Mr Grower said.

He later confessed to being the author but insisted it was within local government rules.

He said: ‘I have done nothing against the law and probably next time I will just use a different pseudonym.’

Mr Grower, a Bournemouth councillor, claimed many of his town hall colleagues used the same tactics to make them look good to the local electorate.

He added the comments were ‘only fun that no-one took seriously’.

But Mr Grower’s opponents described the stunt as ‘tragic’. Claire Smith, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said: ‘I think it’s quite funny and tragic when you have to start praising yourself online.

‘Your work should stand on its own.’

Stephen MacLoughlin, the Conservative leader of Bournemouth council, added: ‘Councillors need to be above reproach and they need to be very careful to avoid anything that could be seen as deceiving the public.’

The postings Mr Grower made were left on the website of the local newspaper, the Daily Echo.


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