In the Dark

The lights were out. Our dinner was potentially spoilt (See The Hinge!)

As I got the candles out, Arrow #3 had to do her homework in the semi-darkness.

A short while later, she rushed to me and asked, “Mommy, may I have the camera please?”

As I passed it to her, I asked her if she had finished her homework. Yes was her reply. That’s why she was asking me for the camera.

So I asked her what her subject was. It was, after all, very dark to be shooting images with my little camera. Or so I thought.

She said, “Oh, some thing”, non-commitedly, as youths often do.

Pointing the camera to a candle nearby, I heard a soft click, which was followed by a squeal, “Oh, it’s so nice!” Out of the corner of my eye, I dimly made out her figure as she jumped up and down in delight.

Then she ran upstairs.

Later, I saw the results of her work.

Who would have thought my little camera could do this?
Impressed though I was of her photography skills, I was far more touched by her irrepressible personality.

Despite the darkness and heat, and having to do her work in not-so-nice conditions, she didn’t grumble. Nor did she kick up a fuss. Instead, she made the most of the situation and carried on!

That’s a lesson we could all learn – never be put down by circumstances around us. Instead, we should be showing the example, like lights in the darkness around us. Especially in these not-so-easy times.

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