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A Cat with Character


Some years ago, Mittens came into our lives. She is affectionately called our Miracle Cat because I once ran over her with my Kenari when she was a kitten. Obviously she lived to tell the tale. Subsequently, even though she had actually been run over her abdomen, she went on to have a litter of kittens. This is a tale we often regale our first-time visitors. We never tire of it!

Mittens is unlike other cats. This is how she sleeps. Sometimes she even lies on her back!


And when she is annoyed with my camera, she closes her eyes! Just look at her!


She is such a pampered cat though. A poignant mew from her would cause my children to grab half a handful of her food to give her. Her abdomen looks pregnant! Her purrs are often heard and felt.

I have been told that cats’ purrings are good. In fact, there are sites that was lyrical about it. This one  advocates having a purring cat to soothe your baby to sleep.

But from my personal experience as a former midwife in England, I have found that babies and cats don’t always mix. In fact, we often tell the mothers-to-be to prepare cat nets for their newborns. Catnets are special stronger nets which cover baby’s prams/cots so that the cats cant get to them. That’s right the cats can get jealous! Especially if the cat was the “only child” before the advent of baby!

Not that Mittens ever had cause to be. My youngest as around before she was. They are good friends instead!