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In Preparation for Chinese New Year


I have been baking a lot of cupcakes lately. Part of the fun of making cupcakes is the icing after. I enjoy doing them. Here’s a selection of what I have done last year.

I have been experimenting for Chinese New Year too! These are my attempts at the lanterns. I needed to get a special nozzle size No 2 for this. I used to use a Nozzle No 1 but it was really too fine for the work I wanted to do.


This is my attempt at firecrackers! The red firecrackers are done with Nozzle No 5 and the yellow “explosions” are a star burst nozzle.


With all my baking and icing, together with flowering fruit trees outside the house, we have had a lot of ants visiting. The ants are God’s way of fertilizing the flowers so that they become fruits. But these ants are not satisfied with the nectar from the flowers. They love my icing and cakes too! So I have had to make little moats of water to balance my cakes on. They can be pretty precarious!

That is, until now.

Dear Hubby saw this at the top shelf of our local supermarket and decided to get me two!


What’s so special about this? Take a closer look!

cny061Yes, it has its own built-in moat! With less than a third of a cup of water, the moat and its crevices are nicely filled up.

Now I can bake even more!