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To plagiarize

is to use and pass off

(the ideas or writings of another)

as one’s own.

That is exactly what has happened with one of my posts in my blogspot.

I posted it this morning and shortly after, Hubby came online from his office to tell me about this dastardly deed. He saw someone visiting my blogspot from another country, and out of interest, clicked to see where from. Suddenly he was linked to another site, where word for word, this thief had taken my writing, put into his/her domain, and applied to be approved to a post-paying company!

Well, this-this-THIS (better not use the word I want to use!) does not own any site of over six hundred and fifty posts unlike my blogspot! Also, the act was obviously committed almost from the moment I posted it because the WRONG LINK was copied! Oh yes, the links work. But there were specific links that were supposed to be used… I amended it once I realised my mistake!

I have written to the post-paying company, with certainty that this ahem-ahem-AHEM will be found out for the you-know-what that he/she is!

Hubby wonders how many visitors to my sites do similar things.

So now I want to let the whole world know this has happened!

If you, my friend, want to SHOW SUPPORT AGAINST PLAGIARIZATION, please drop a comment here! And pass the word round.