A Conspiracy

Someone out there is out to get me… I think!

After my last post about being steadfast and firm, about being determined and strong, about needing to make a stand and get on with it (OK so I didn’t exactly use those words, but you get what I mean) I was ambushed!

I came home from one of my trips out and found a box in my kitchen. From within, I could hear sounds.

Not only could I hear sounds, I could smell…. something!

Folks, I found out that a friend who had set off home to Sarawak (the other East Malaysian state) for the Chinese New Year break was stopped at the airport. He had hoped to take back some goodies to cook there. It’s customary that you bring things when you go for a visit, and he had hope to take this entire box with him.

The only problem was, not only were the contents of this box live, the box itself was rather flimsy.

To compound matters, my friend wanted to take the box as carry-on luggage.

You can guess what happened at the check-in counter!

Yesterday evening saw me giving my household help and my children a quick lesson on how to kill and open and wash CRABS! I mean LOTS of crabs!

There’s more – Initially when they had started without me, they were trying to tear apart the crabs without killing them first. (You read correctly.) My household led the way. Needless to say, they didn’t get very far. The crabs were all over the place and their fingeres and hands got sore! (I KNOW what you are thinking!!!!) I wish I had brought my camera along!

Anyway, when I finally got back, I taught them the proper way as we all had a good laugh.

Then another friend came by to share the spoils – they cooked it and we ate it!At midnight! What a half hour Hubby and I had! Silence most of the time because our mouths were full! Hahahaha!


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