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The Duck Saga


We just wanted a duck. A roasted duck. It would be ideal for the Chinese New Year eve dinner. So we went to get one. We knew this shop opened at 8.30am so we set off to arrive at that time, bringing along our plate for it to be cut and arranged nicely.

When we got there, this was the sight that greeted us. duck01The queue folded back on itself three times!

So we asked our foster son to queue while we went to shop other things.

duck02And queue he did.

For half an hour!

This is the sort of thing that was on sale. He had duck, chicken and pork on sale.

duck04But what the people really wanted was the duck and the proprietor kept bringing in more and more of that.


Yes, we were all after the duck. One family ahead of us bought FIVE! At RM48 each, that is not cheap!

duck07So we got out duck finally and went home with it. But it wasn’t cut. The man didn’t have the time to spare to cut it up. He said in Chinese, “Every year also like this! I never cut! Never finish if I cut!”

Fair enough. So I did the chopping up. You can see the results of my mutilating act in The Hinge.