Dish of Feet

Since we had so much to contend with at our New Year Eve dinner, we found ourselves overwhelmed by the food and not vice-versa.

Hubby, wise as he is, knew this would happen. So he prepared contingency plans. He was going to make a special soup!

He got together some ingredients such as mustard vegetables, dried chilli and dried tamarind slices. Making made a few queries to find out more, he then put his plan into action this afternoon. He cooked “choi keok” pronounced “choy” as in ahoy and “keok”, as is key and york with a silent Y.

In the Cantonese dialect, which is my Hubby’s mother’s lingua franca, the words “choi keok” can mean a few a things.

“Choi” can be vegetables or even meat dishes, used as in “What’s the dish (choi) today?”

“Keok” directly translated means “feet”.

Put together, you have a Dish of Feet! Or more correctly, the DISH of LEFTOVERS!

choikeokHere you can see it bubbling away on the stove, made into a lovely soup, fit for a king! Indeed, legend has it that the emperors of China loved this dish.

And so does the king in my castle, my Hubby!

Bon Appetit!

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One Response to “Dish of Feet”

  1. shibori girl Says:

    Mmmm! That soup looks lovely! How nice that your husband cooks for you. đŸ™‚ (mine cooks for me too)

    Happy New Year…



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