Down! Down! Down!

I refer to the scales of course. The weighing scales. My (current) perpetual enemy! That needle keeps pointing to the higher numbers. I want it to go down, down DOWN!

But in all honesty, I suppose I should pat myself on the back. It’s not been too bad really.

I have been pigging away since last year. Considering that, and this current season where I have baked more than 700 cupcakes (mini ones included), I think it’s still all right. I think about the pork trotter in vinegar ladened with fatty skin, the brownies full of pure butter, the curry chicken that my household help makes, the fried fish crackers that fill three tins…. the dreaded list goes on!

Would you like to know the grand total of increase since I started this season of eating?


(Do you want it in pounds or kilograms? Never mind, I’ll give you both!)

More drumrrrrrroll

I stood on the scales yesterday and today. They tell me that I have gained….

… two,

I repeat

two pounds.

That’s about one kilogram.

Do I hear cheers? Do I hear fireworks going off?

Ah, must be from the neighbours outside.

I need to lose that extra extra quick!

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