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Firecracker First Aid


They had a few firecrackers to play with. It was supposed to be a simple affair. Just light and move away.

They had let off a few big ones and a few small ones. Now they were going for another big one.

He lit the fuse.

He made a move to get away.

His foot hit the side of a tile.

The firecracker popped and the others laughed.

Then he realised there was blood on the ground. He looked down and saw a cut on his foot. It was gaping.

He came to look for me.

As an ex-SRN and ex-RM from England, I took one look and knew this was a touch-and-go case. Would he need stitches? He didn’t want to go to the Casualty Dept for the doctors to have a look.

Firmly I instructed him to get some ice on it. Perhaps the bleeding would stop, and the swelling would reduce. A bit of strong tape might hold the edges of the wound together.

Which is what we did.

A few hours later he decided he wanted to have a doctor look at after all. He left with his friends and instructions from me on what to say.

There, the doctor washed and dressed the wound and gave him an anti- tetanus booster shot. He didn’t need stitches.

I think the first-aid helped.

But we also prayed.

No, no pictures. Might be too gory….