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Sad and Stressed


I guess I had it coming.

So many things going on at the same time.

Extra events. Extra work. Extra responsibilitites.

New concepts. New ideas. New methods. New thoughts. New principles.

A lot to grapple with.

And then to cap it off, my laptop decides to give up.

Well, it’s the keyboard you see. Everytime I want to hit certain letters and numbers, I have to pause, do something before I can continue.

It all adds up to be a very stressful two weeks for me so far. Of course I knew that this was coming. I tried to plan ahead but it is still hard.

I can feel it culminating to this weekend. If only I can just make through in one sane piece. Phew…..

Update: Go see The Hinge for the new sleek look!



It’s easy to fret. A few more weeks to go. It’s easy to be impatient.

What am I referring to?

The results. The exam results to be precise. The exam results of my son, to be even more precise.

They are due sometime in March.

Rumours are going around that they will be out around mid-March.

Nail-biting time for many. I am tempted to join the club.


It will not help. Besides I like my long nails! (I used to love biting them but now I love them in a different way!)

Furthermore, I am reminded that all things work out for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28.

So I will try to rest in Him.

In the meantime, yes, I will rest.

Deep breath in and sloooooooooowly exhale….

Saying Goodbye


How do you say goodbye? With tears? With hugs? With parties? With gifts? With food?

With all of the above?

Imagine saying goodbye with a party of close friends and nice food in a nice setting. Small heartfelt gifts given.

And lots of laughter. Tears down the face kind of laughter. Throwing feet up in the air kind of hilarity. Slapping the knee sort of jokes. Slamming the table sort of puns and punchlines.

All makes for a memorable evening and farewell do.

A special evening for a special person. It’s the best way to say adieu.

Trying and Training


There is an immense difference


training to do something


trying to do something.

John Ortberg, “The Life You Have Always Wanted

Doesn’t that say a lot? Think about it. We can try to do better. We can try to be healthier. We can make resolutions. (By the way, have you broken all your New Year ones already? I didn’t bother to make any this year!)

At the end of the day, all our good intentions amount to nothing if we don’t get around to actually doing anything about it!

So one of the first things I need to train myself is to stop snacking before I go to bed! Hahahaha!

Should I Or Not?


Diet. Diet. Diet.

You’d think that I would have lost lots of weight with all the running around that I needed to do of late! The problem is, I had such a good physical workout, I also got hungry faster! So I still packed the calories in.

Which defeated the purpose of the “work out” in the first place!

Then someone recommended taking pills. Initially I was skeptical and suspicious. I had read of too many scams before. And worse, what if these pills had harmful side effects!

After some time, I felt that I needed to find out more. Of course I would need to know if I was getting value for money too. I wouldn’t want to pay more than needed, although I didn’t mind if it was really good. I’d certainly only go for a reputable company… which means I needed to do wide research.

So I did and found some interesting and good diet pills.

I now find myself in the position of “Should I? Or should I not?”

A Close Shave!


I had a strange sort of start to the day.

To begin with, one of the staff called up to say that they had been involved in a car accident!

After ascertaining that she was all right, I continued with my own journey to the office.

There, I was stunned to hear another member of staff say that he had a sort of premonition that this might happen! He told me that the day before, he had had a nagging thought that would not go away. Actually, he is still taking driving lessons and is without a car of his own. But this incident has made him think and plan ahead, making him wonder, “Where can I find affordable auto insurance?”

Whilst I laughingly told him that he was counting his chicks before they were hatched, I was nonetheless impressed by his maturity. Not bad for a teenager!

Dangerous Art


Meet Li Wei.

This 37 year old from Beijing produces unsettling photographs that depict him hurtling out of buildings, perched in startlingly dangerous situations and submerged into sidewalks, sand and lakes. The work conveys a sense of lost gravity and a many times dangerous reality.

Li Wei

“I am fascinated by the unstable and dangerous sides of art and I hope my works reflect these aspects,” says he.

His photos can sell up to thousands of US dollars.

Li Wei

And he loves the reactions that his work evokes from folk who see it.

Li Wei

He says firstly they are astonished. Then they wonder how it is done.

The secret? Mirrors. Steel wires. And a lot of imagination, creativity and guts. Li Wei makes it his mission to get the scene for the perfect photograph and a perfect performance. To him, the process is more important than the photography or the performance of it.

Li Wei
Aren’t these photos amazing?
This one is one of my favourites.
Li Wei
I know how hard it is to stay upright with water as a partial medium!
Li WeiSome of the photos can make you gasp.

Li Wei

Here he appears to be buried in the ground.

Is it any wonder that the artist says people do get a little worried about him?!

For another performer, you can visit The Hinge.

A Much Needed Help


Some of you might have realised by now that I started a new job. And whilst I was not that person in my last post, my work has been nonetheless hectic.

One of the things I have had to attend to is lots of files – both physical and digital. Just to give you an idea of how much work is entailed, let me tell you that the handover took two weeks! You can imagine the information overload I have had!

Whilst a lot of the work is not new, every place operates differently. Hence many a time I need some “extra” help, especially in time. This is where this really handy tool comes in – the flash drive. I am SO GLAD that I have one with a good capacity so I can take some of the work home to digest. flashdrive

Mind you, my present one, as is my laptop, is giving up. So I shall be shopping for a new one soon.

Hmmm when’s my pay due?

When Ninety Chairs Equals Trouble


She didn’t sign on to do that sort of job. It was meant to be a desk job; a simple administrative job. That’s what she agreed to do. Call it a pen pushing job, but that was what she envisaged spending her office hours doing.

She certainly didn’t plan to spend it shifting heavy furniture around, nor arranging heavy chairs in a big hall.

Unsure if her new job would be on the line, she did as she was asked.

Then, as she moved the remaining solidly-built pieces in place, she felt a twinge in the small of her back.

That twinge became a sharp pain which radiated down her legs and each step became excruciating. She knew instinctively what had happened – she had done her back in.

Here she was, a young, newly employed staff. Hurt on the job. Immediately, her thoughts went to the Seattle injury lawyer. As she limped back to her seat, she wondered and worried if she would ever be fit and healthy again. She was concerned what her future would hold.

And so she reached out to make that phonecall to find out more…..

Friends Forever


This is an oft used phrase by young people. I can even remember a catchy song with the same title some years back. The tape disappeared, though the cover was still with us until we moved house.

But I digress.

I want to tell you about a present I received.

This is what I got from a friend from overseas. She wanted to give me a house warming gift. saltpeppershakers

Cute salt and pepper shakers arent they?

That’s just the beginning of it!

What my friend didn’t know and I didn’t tell her was that I already had a set of salt and pepper shakers.

Not only that, I had a very similar set to this. Mine was black and white, not both white.

My friend had no idea about this. She only knew she wanted me to have a gift from her and made lots of arrangements to get them hand carried over. The person who was going to bring it had to make a trip to her place before making her way across the oceans to my place. (Convoluted? It’s ok – just remember it was a lot of effort!)

What my friend didn’t know either was that one half of my set of shakers had broken. And I was truly saddened. I kept the solitary one.

And now I have three in a set.

Friends need no words, know no boundaries and can touch the heart just so. Thanks, FRIEND