Going Up, Up, Up

No, not the price of oil. I was referring to the cost of going to a majestic site not far from my place of stay. Mount Kinabalu is a most wonderful place.


At the foot of this is the National Park where orchid lovers have a field day, day trekkers have a myriad of paths to explore and botanists delight in the variety on offer. This place makes a photographer out of you – how else can you capture the treasures? You are permitted to take nothing but photographs, and to leave nothing but footprints. In this way, the first Malaysian listing on the World Heritage Site aspires to maintain its natural beauty.

The walk to the peak is easy, and the scenery is awesome. You can see the flora change at different stages of your climb. At its 4,085m peak, on a clear day, you can see all the way to the Philippines – I know because I could!

What’s more, preparations are relatively easy. Check out my friend, Janet. She plans to climb next month. But as she discovered, the cost can be a shock.

You see, there are guides to pay – compulsory, lest you wander off the path and get lost; there is also the overnight stop to make at Laban Rata and so you’d have to pay for board and lodging there; porters who ferry the most amazing weights with ease will be needed to help you get your things up there. And more. You can read about it here. What this article also tells you, is that the cost to make this climb has shot up.

But is it still worth the effort?

In short, yes. Try Borneo Trails, my friend’s tour company. He will get you a good deal.

Update – After the news report, (and perhaps Metamor4sis posting about it?) the government is going to look at somehow lowering the cost! I wonder if it will be in time for my friend?


2 Responses to “Going Up, Up, Up”

  1. janet Says:

    yeah, it’s totally expensive… but i never climbed a mountain before, so i thought inspite of the cost, i would give it a try. i have read about the complains of skyrocketing cost to go up. i didn’t know it was soo cheap before… at least before 2002 when SSL hadn’t taken up the place yet.

    and oh… you can actually see Philippines from there???? that makes me more excited!!! i pray for good weather though. *pls pls, Lord, give us a good weather on that day.*

    anyways… dunno how to get to the park yet, that one will ask you when we get there. Hehehe.


    • Metamor4sis Says:

      Hi Janet, Getting to the park is no problem. 2 hr drive max. Depends on whether you stay overnight. Yeah, we can talk more when you get here…. 🙂


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