To Curse Someone

Lost for words to make a smart remark especially to see off your enemies?

Need to curse something or someone quickly and yet Biblically?

Put an end to your shortcomings!

Make a click to to the Amazing Biblical Curse Generator!

This site has amazing and powerful smackdowns by powerful orators such as the prophets Elijah and Jeremiah. With such awesome precedence, one can expect to improve one’s repertoire overnight!

Just remember – they said it first, so make correct credits!

(Laughing aloud as I post this)


One Response to “To Curse Someone”

  1. Jenners Says:

    And who says the Internet doesn’t have anything useful! At least then my cursing will be Bible-sanctioned and I can do it in front of the kid! HAHA!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. It was much appreciated!


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