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Happy Birthday Mom!


My daughter has to do a school project about our family history. The teacher wants something interesting (read spectacular) and history-making (read newsworthy).

Well, my Hubby and I haven’t lived long enough to do anything like that (honestly!) His mother was an orphan so not much there. His Dad was one of two siblings overseas and neither are alive anymore. Another deadend.

That left just my side of the family. (Poor girl hasn’t got much fodder does she!) Since today is Mom’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMMM!) I thought it would be a good idea to feature these two important people.

Well, for starters, Dad was  King’s Scout. That shows how ancient he is. He actually owns a certificate signed by King George. It’s all framed up. He met Mom when the first kangaroos came to Malaysia and he was supposed to help to crowd manage. At least I think that’s what they told me! Mom was a Girl Guide and a good looking one too. So Dad was distracted from his work and he foxwhistled Mom (OK, I’m biased but I’ll put some photos up later… after I get her permission!) And so their romance blossomed.

I grew up singing camp fire songs like “She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes”, wondering who would be visiting and why was she singing and doing all those silly things…. (to be continued)