Getting Fit Safely!

A week ago, I posted about my friend who was going to climb Mt Kinabalu. She found out recently on a trip abroad that her stamina wasn’t as good as she thought. So she is intensifying her training! She’ll need to work hard because she only has a few weeks more. But she is also concerned that she will over-do. I can understand that having climbed that peak before!

I found out something that might help her though. (In fact, I learned a new word in the process!) I discovered that ellipticals are the best thing that she could use for her preparations now! Yes, these wonderful machines are great because she will be able to use them rain, sun or shine at her leisure, in her own home! Further, these stationary exercise machines will help her to train without heavy impact and so is safer than training on roads!

Now I must send her an email and ask her to check these out!

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