Friends Forever

This is an oft used phrase by young people. I can even remember a catchy song with the same title some years back. The tape disappeared, though the cover was still with us until we moved house.

But I digress.

I want to tell you about a present I received.

This is what I got from a friend from overseas. She wanted to give me a house warming gift. saltpeppershakers

Cute salt and pepper shakers arent they?

That’s just the beginning of it!

What my friend didn’t know and I didn’t tell her was that I already had a set of salt and pepper shakers.

Not only that, I had a very similar set to this. Mine was black and white, not both white.

My friend had no idea about this. She only knew she wanted me to have a gift from her and made lots of arrangements to get them hand carried over. The person who was going to bring it had to make a trip to her place before making her way across the oceans to my place. (Convoluted? It’s ok – just remember it was a lot of effort!)

What my friend didn’t know either was that one half of my set of shakers had broken. And I was truly saddened. I kept the solitary one.

And now I have three in a set.

Friends need no words, know no boundaries and can touch the heart just so. Thanks, FRIEND


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