When Ninety Chairs Equals Trouble

She didn’t sign on to do that sort of job. It was meant to be a desk job; a simple administrative job. That’s what she agreed to do. Call it a pen pushing job, but that was what she envisaged spending her office hours doing.

She certainly didn’t plan to spend it shifting heavy furniture around, nor arranging heavy chairs in a big hall.

Unsure if her new job would be on the line, she did as she was asked.

Then, as she moved the remaining solidly-built pieces in place, she felt a twinge in the small of her back.

That twinge became a sharp pain which radiated down her legs and each step became excruciating. She knew instinctively what had happened – she had done her back in.

Here she was, a young, newly employed staff. Hurt on the job. Immediately, her thoughts went to the Seattle injury lawyer. As she limped back to her seat, she wondered and worried if she would ever be fit and healthy again. She was concerned what her future would hold.

And so she reached out to make that phonecall to find out more…..

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One Response to “When Ninety Chairs Equals Trouble”

  1. j5net Says:

    woahh… i can’t imagine you doing all the hard work. how are you doing now? no more back pain, i hope.


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