Should I Or Not?

Diet. Diet. Diet.

You’d think that I would have lost lots of weight with all the running around that I needed to do of late! The problem is, I had such a good physical workout, I also got hungry faster! So I still packed the calories in.

Which defeated the purpose of the “work out” in the first place!

Then someone recommended taking pills. Initially I was skeptical and suspicious. I had read of too many scams before. And worse, what if these pills had harmful side effects!

After some time, I felt that I needed to find out more. Of course I would need to know if I was getting value for money too. I wouldn’t want to pay more than needed, although I didn’t mind if it was really good. I’d certainly only go for a reputable company… which means I needed to do wide research.

So I did and found some interesting and good diet pills.

I now find myself in the position of “Should I? Or should I not?”


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