Good Health Insurance

The other day I posted about someone who had to stack ninety chairs. Some of my friends thought it was me!

Well, whilst it was a real event, it was not me…

But it got me thinking.

What if something like that did happen to me? Worse, what if an injury had occurred? Can you imagine the red tape and legal jargon I would have to face? Rather intimidating I think! Actually, ordinary folks like us would find it hard to make claims or to even work out if we qualified for benefits!

I suppose that’s when you need a company like Allsup. This company apparently has a 97% success rate in for those who complete the process social security disability with them! That’s a pretty good rate. Not only that, they are fast!

We could do with more of such companies. Imagine your peace of mind after the trauma of injury. Hmmm!

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