Looking Ahead

When my firstborn son finished his secondary schooling, he was so unsure what to do. There was a time when he wanted to be one thing, and then we had silence for a while. Later he would say another! But, as my husband said, we must not push him. Let him take his time.

We contemplated sending him to the USA for further studies. He would have a few years of basic before he needed to make up his mind. However the information we got was rather scattered. The different people we talked with had differing opinions too. Which state should we begin with? Or which course is best? My aunt in Texas insisted on his going there…..

At such a time, we would have been glad to have had some proefssional advice on degree programs in the United States and Canada.

In the end, however, my son finally opted to try for somewhere nearer – Singapore. We should knowby next month if he is successful.

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2 Responses to “Looking Ahead”

  1. Rosidah Says:

    Whatever choice, I hope it will be the best. Thank you for visiting my blog. Best wishes 🙂


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