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Morphing Time


“It’s morphing time!” used to be the cry of a cartoon series. The green creatures would then change to super heroes and vanquish their common foes.

When faced with opposition, don’t we all sometimes wish we could do similarly? Just change things around in such a way that somehow there would no longer be any obstacles in our life!

But as we all know, cartoon themes are often the wishful thinking of creative people! The attraction comes when the storyline echoes to what we have hidden in our own hearts. Add a good dose of laughter and fun, and the series become a hit with the masses.

In reality, “morphing” takes place over time. When obstacles come, we have choices to make. Each choice has its own consequences – good, bad or neutral. Whatever the choice, there will be changes. The question is what, and in whom.

I believe changes need to start with ourselves first. Then we will see changes in our surroundings. Yes, it’s morphing time all the time!