Change the Bed!

Of late, I have had trouble sleeping. Having a cough doesn’t help, but what makes it worse is that our bed seems to be creaking!

For those who don’t know, prior to moving house, we had been sleeping with a mattress on the floor. Then months after moving into our house, we were still sleeping without a bed frame!

Almost half a year later, we finally bought a base for the mattress.

The only problem is, because it is not in one piece, the parts rub together at the slightest movement and creak!

I should have gone to a place with proper bed frames to choose a good one and not tried to shortcut way out. Perhaps I should persuade Hubby that we DO need a change!

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2 Responses to “Change the Bed!”

  1. Lisa's Chaos Says:

    We got rid of our old frame when we moved and slept with mattress on the floor for almost two years! We finally got a frame a few months back and I love it! I just recently noticed a creak when there’s movement. I’m going to get rid of that creak!


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