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A New Look!


For those of you who haven’t visited my house, there is, on the top floor, one whole wing dedicated to moi! As you enter my bedroom, turn left and you will see all the way to my library and office space. From there, my office has an adjoining door to my daugher’s bedroom.

“Wow,” you might say.

However, whilst it looks nice and spacious overall, my problem starts with this close proximity.

You see, I sometimes like to work late. But I don’t want to disturb my daughter, especially if she has school early the next morning. So I had been pondering on and off – what should I do to minimize noise with minimal cost, especially during this downturn time?

Then I discovered area rugs! They are amazingly beautiful and functional rugs which do not need to cost an arm and a leg! Furthermore, they help to cut down noise – a big plus for a heavy walker like myself! Because they come in all shapes, shades and sizes, it is easy to furnish and change the appearance of any room or space. What’s more, because these rugs are made from many types of materials, I need not fear that Hubby’s sensitive nose will react to the fibers used – just choose the right Hubby’s-Nose-Friendly type!

So I have been doing a bit of scouting around. Much to my delight, I found good sites for quality and yet cheap rugs easily available, with lots of pictures to give me ideas what colour scheme and design I ought to put into the office. There are presently some good and discounted offers online too!

I can just imagine it – walk into my bedroom, look left, and see a nice area marked out as my office space by this nice matching rug. An outstanding idea for a new look! I am going rug-buying soon!