The Impending Move

The downturn has brought many changes for many. My friend, J is no exception.

I sat down for tea with her today, listening to her woes.  She works two jobs, and both jobs are quiet. The lack of customers is causing her to re-think, and to look at ways of saving costs. Downsizing is the last resort as her staff are close to her.

One thing she will definitely look into is her venue for operations. She needs to find a cheaper place to base herself.

As she talked, it occurred to me that she would need the services of good moving trucks. Her office furnishings are her own. When relocating, she will take them with her. There are some good companies – ones that only charge you for the space you use, rather than the entire truck regardless. She needs to scout around, and she was grateful for the tip as she would need to make the move soon.

I do hope things work out well for her, and for many of my friends in similar situations.

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