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More Exercise = More Appetite?


Since I have started to work out more, I have felt hungry more too!

Today for instance, I walked and jogged even more. The heartrate meter tells me I am now working out to athletic conditions. That, of course, is purely accidental. I mis-read and thought I was merely at building stamina level!

So yes, I am eating more. I have stuffed myself with muffins, and today my daughter has baked cupakes! Hubby has been given some yummy groundnuts which are ideal for supper snacks! If I am not careful, all my hard work will go to waste! The waist I should say….

What I need are some appetite suppressants. And not just any kind. They ought to be natural appetite suppressants I don’t want to be putting all sorts of things in me! I must go try some and see….



I had told everyone that they should make copies aka back up.

I didn’t.

Worse, I used the backup as my mains.

And despite lots of thoughts of, “Oh, I should back up”, I didn’t.

And now I have lost umpteen years of electronic resource.

In bereavement and learning to be thankful at the same time is not easy….

Virtual Assistance to Exercise


Tonight I shall go the gym once again. I no longer hurt and I feel reasonably good. I hope to achieve as much as I did the week before, if not more! This is crucial as I feel that my intake of calories has increased over the past few days.

I hope I won’t get lazy to go to the gym. I suppose if I felt like that, I could do more exercises at home. Certainly if I had a Nintendo Wii, I might have a good workout trying out some of the more physical games. There was a time where Nintendo Wii and its accessories were hard to find here. Nowadays however, Wii accessories are easily accessible and getting more popular. Perhaps I should seriously consider “investing” in one! It would certainly make exercise more fun!

Miss Sabah/Miss Malaysia/Miss World


Last night Hubby and I went to dinner for the Miss Sabah/Miss Malaysia/Miss World Finale. Some might have an issue about such pageants, but Hubby and I went mainly for the dinner!

20090425528Dinner was excellent for hotel served fare.

Along the way, we watched the selection process.

There were four main judging stages. The first was when the fifteen finalists dressed in sports wear and danced. It was a strange talent contest to watch and the standard was very variable.

The second was swimwear. This was rather difficult to watch. SO much bare flesh! It made me wonder what it would be like if they eat wore a lace teddy instead! Oolala! The one who won Miss Body Beautiful would have done justice to any outfit!

The third appearance round was the evening gown. Those shimmering dresses never had more beautiful models. Someone at our table however, commented how the designs were rather old fashioned. Not being much of a fashionista, I couldn’t comment!

The front favourite fell at the ultimate round – the Question and Answer. Some of the questions were essays! Not easy when you are already nervous about being in the final five.

The winner was an experienced beauty contestant. She won the subsidiary title of Miss Catwalk! Now, at the age of only 19, she finally won the crown she wanted. And it turns out that she is a friend of my colleague! I wonder if she will still have her feet on the ground after this.

An Even Easier Way?


Guess what!

(No, I am not pregnant, Sue!)

Give me a drumroll!

Folks, I found a simple, quick fix, super duper solution to my disproportionate problems! And I mean quick! In a mere matter of minutes I can totally change my proportion to the hourglass figure desired by many!

The only drawback is that the change is not permanent.

Are you seated properly? Do you want to know my secret?

Of course, once I post it here, it won’t be a secret anymore!

OK, OK, I can hear some of you going, “TELL ME WOMAN!”

So here goes.

The secret is just two words – axfords corsets.

Seriously! Go check it out! Awesome!

Now if the rest of me would match the rest of those models. Hahahaha!

An Easier Way?


So I hurt (see last post).

Still hurting though less so.


I wonder if there are other ways of losing weight and staying fit.

Perhaps the two can be separated. Perhaps I can lose weight first. I could do that by using some diet pill. THEN I could look at keeping fit! Separating the task, so I am told, makes it easier and more manageable!

On the other hand, if one can kill two birds with one stone, why not…Any thoughts anyone?

Either way, it looks like I have a lot of work to do!

Let me start tomorrow again.

I Hurt


My calves hurt.

My butt is protesting.

My thighs scream. My quadracepts, to be precise. are yelling and joining in the chorus of dissent.

And all this is because I went to the gym!

I thought it was a lapse of 5 months. But Hubby reminded me that it is two YEARS! NO Wonder I am aching so much! I overdid it I guess.

That was yesterday.

Today we went again and I just walked for about 25 mins, then went into the swimming pool.

Now I still ache but feel better.  It would be even better if I had done my hair up properly! But now it looks like an untamable mop.

And it’s time for bed.

I wonder how stiff I will be at dawn. Will I be able to get out of bed?

It’s after midnight now. I shall hit the sack and find out in six hours’ time!

Action on Acne


Meeting my daughter for the first time, my new friend commented on how good her skin was. I had to agree. Her skin is even, smooth, firm and yet soft.

Unlike the young salesgirl I saw yesterday morn. As we were having our purchases checked out, I could not help but notice the angry blotches on her face. They looked painful. Her cheeks had the worst of it, but there was some on her forehead too. Her eyes looked sad, unlike the normally very noticeable twinkle.

In the past, I had made small talk with her. This time, I wanted to make a comment, but was uncertain whether it would make her embarassed. So I opted to be silent, smiling at her instead. My heart went out to her.

With hindsight, I should have spoken up about this acne treatment I had heard of. Perhaps it is not too late. Maybe I can persuade my Hubby to go to that shop again tomorrow.

What Else Might Help?


Just came back from seeing some friends. One of them looked tired and bleary eyed. It turns out that the little one isn’t sleeping so well. Well, since my “little” one is now already 13 and loving her sleep almost too much especially on school days, I have to admit I had to think hard to remember those sleepless nights long ago to be able to fully empathize.

She seems to have tried everything the rest of us suggested – rub him, give him a bath at evening time, feeding more, feeding less; you name it, she’s done it, to no avail.

After I got home, I thought of something that might help – perhaps what she needs to look at is the bedding! If the bedding isnot good, then baby won’t be very comfortable and can be the cause of not sleeping through the night. So I sent her a message to think about getting different baby bedding.

I hope it works!

Cooling Down


Even as I write this I am uncomfortable. No, not because of feeling angry. Far from it!

Rather, I am feeling hot sticky and sweaty! The weather has gone funny – from being wet, overcast and cloudy to hot, humid and energy-sapping. Especially by mid afternoon. Sometimes the air is so still, it is almost stifling. I get headaches too. Hmmmm actually, that makes me short tempered! So perhaps that IS an apt title!

What I need is to get some cool air circulating. Perhaps I should go look for ceiling fans online and get a few more into the house. Then I will be in a better mood!