Banishing Bag Blues

I have one good leather bag. Just the one. It’s black – my perennial favourite colour. Day in and day out, I use this one handbag. I know people say we should change bags, like shoes, to prevent excessive wear and tear. But I really like this one. It has both short handles to grip with and a long strap to sling over the shoulder. There isn’t any flashy big bling stuff hanging off it and is very practical – two main compartments inside plus zips and small pockets. Not to mention the miniature cup-like holders at either end of the bag.

As you can tell, I am pretty specific about what I like in a  bag.

What’s more, this one was bought by Hubby all the way from the Philippines!

Why am I writing about this?

Because the zip just went! Kaput! It finally gave up! WHERE am I going to get a replacement? This bag was incomparable! Sigh….

I was told I could get the zip changed.

But I must admit, I am tempted to go to a place which sell wholesale handbags. Maybe, just maybe, I can find something there. Well, ok, I am CERTAIN I will get something there!

In the meantime my precioussss is going to stay home in my walk-in closet while I grieve…. and go shopping……

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2 Responses to “Banishing Bag Blues”

  1. j5net Says:

    buy carlo rino… 😀


  2. Metamor4sis Says:

    YOU would! LOL!


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