Trying to Go in Peace

I went on a trip. (I mean a journey. Not the chemically-induced trip!)

Along the way, I had to go and do what comes naturally. Different places use different phrases to try to describe this essential part of life – Doing the numbers one or two; Sitting on the throne; Spending a penny are some of the more delicate phrases used.

However you want to put it, essentially all living things need to do this – they have to excrete waste products at the end of their alimentary circuit. And I was no different, being in case you havent realised human myself (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Anyway, so I went down this corridor.

toilet01Seemed nice enough.

I entered a clean, brightly lit room. Even nicer.

Then I encountered this, this, THIS thing!

toilet02Don’t let it fool you. It might LOOK like an ordinary toilet, but it isn’t!

It is one of those new fangled inventions – the dreaded self-flushing toilet!

I am certain there are many who love such a creation. Imagine never having to touch the toilet handle were others have touched before. That would be a clean freak’s dream come true.

Whoever invented this version however, is not only Clean Freak’s friend – also Speedy Gonzales’ friend!

Before I continue, let me assure you that I am not a “long-term” visitor to such places. I repeat, I am not.

But try telling this contraption!

Folks, while I was trying my best to do what a gal has to do, this over-enthusiastic THING flushed on me! No, not once. Not even twice! It flushed THREE times before I could even complete my job!

Now you see why I had to take a photo of it!

Just beware if you head south of West Malaysia, close to the border. It lives there………….

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