What Else Might Help?

Just came back from seeing some friends. One of them looked tired and bleary eyed. It turns out that the little one isn’t sleeping so well. Well, since my “little” one is now already 13 and loving her sleep almost too much especially on school days, I have to admit I had to think hard to remember those sleepless nights long ago to be able to fully empathize.

She seems to have tried everything the rest of us suggested – rub him, give him a bath at evening time, feeding more, feeding less; you name it, she’s done it, to no avail.

After I got home, I thought of something that might help – perhaps what she needs to look at is the bedding! If the bedding isnot good, then baby won’t be very comfortable and can be the cause of not sleeping through the night. So I sent her a message to think about getting different baby bedding.

I hope it works!

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2 Responses to “What Else Might Help?”

  1. j5net Says:

    it might work.

    or she can probably rub a bit of lavender essential oil on the baby’s feet.


  2. Metamor4sis Says:

    Goodness that is a new one Janet. Presume you have tried and it works?


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