Action on Acne

Meeting my daughter for the first time, my new friend commented on how good her skin was. I had to agree. Her skin is even, smooth, firm and yet soft.

Unlike the young salesgirl I saw yesterday morn. As we were having our purchases checked out, I could not help but notice the angry blotches on her face. They looked painful. Her cheeks had the worst of it, but there was some on her forehead too. Her eyes looked sad, unlike the normally very noticeable twinkle.

In the past, I had made small talk with her. This time, I wanted to make a comment, but was uncertain whether it would make her embarassed. So I opted to be silent, smiling at her instead. My heart went out to her.

With hindsight, I should have spoken up about this acne treatment I had heard of. Perhaps it is not too late. Maybe I can persuade my Hubby to go to that shop again tomorrow.


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