Miss Sabah/Miss Malaysia/Miss World

Last night Hubby and I went to dinner for the Miss Sabah/Miss Malaysia/Miss World Finale. Some might have an issue about such pageants, but Hubby and I went mainly for the dinner!

20090425528Dinner was excellent for hotel served fare.

Along the way, we watched the selection process.

There were four main judging stages. The first was when the fifteen finalists dressed in sports wear and danced. It was a strange talent contest to watch and the standard was very variable.

The second was swimwear. This was rather difficult to watch. SO much bare flesh! It made me wonder what it would be like if they eat wore a lace teddy instead! Oolala! The one who won Miss Body Beautiful would have done justice to any outfit!

The third appearance round was the evening gown. Those shimmering dresses never had more beautiful models. Someone at our table however, commented how the designs were rather old fashioned. Not being much of a fashionista, I couldn’t comment!

The front favourite fell at the ultimate round – the Question and Answer. Some of the questions were essays! Not easy when you are already nervous about being in the final five.

The winner was an experienced beauty contestant. She won the subsidiary title of Miss Catwalk! Now, at the age of only 19, she finally won the crown she wanted. And it turns out that she is a friend of my colleague! I wonder if she will still have her feet on the ground after this.

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