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We all make choices throughout the day.

Do we sit here or sit there? Do we drive this lane or the next? Should we answer this way or that? Should we eat now or later?

Ought we? Should we? Decisions often have to be made, often without much thought.

Whatever we pick, there are consequences.

Some consequences are good. Deciding to be sing praise songs instead of complaining while┬áI cleaned a sluice room full of stainless steel bedpans with methylated spirits (and no gloves) resulted in my having a superlative report during my junior nursing days. So I felt picked on. So I was a foreigner in a strange land. But my choice resulted in my standing out different – good.

Some consequences are terrible. I opened my mouth too fast and implied that my friend who lost twins was not suitable to have them, unlike a mutual friend who had fallen pregnant. I said, “If there was anyone who could manage twins, it would be her! So glad she had them!” I had forgotten the person I was chatting with had miscarried her twins. I dare not think of the hurt I caused her, though she bravely said it was all right. Our relationship was never quite the same after that….

Some consequences are neutral. So I decide to sit down and eat now and not later. It didn’t really matter. Nothing drastic came out of it. Nothing exciting or explosive.

And so it is with every moment of our day. We choose the mundane, we choose the lively, we choose the different, we choose the daring.

And they all come with consequences.

What choice have you made today, that came with good, bad or neutral consequences?

Brooding for Babies


No, not me! I am not the broody one!

My friend is!


(And if my friend S is reading this, she will surely shoot an email off to me to tease!)

But the truth be told, my friend is the broody one. She went to attend a baby shower and came back all ga-ga. I had to add, it was not just ANY baby shower. It was an angel baby shower. Difference? This was a real pro job.

What’s more, if you have been to any baby shower before, you would know that the person for whom this was being thrown would inevitably end up tired and frazzled because there was so much to do even after.

Well, with this concept where you let others do the organizing AND the clearing up after, those days will be a faint memory… why didn’t they have this during “my time”?! But no, I won’t be brooding for babies at my age just to experience this luxury!

Souped Up for Small ‘Uns


I don’t normally do two posts in one day.

But something happened and I just HAD to put it down!

I saw an old friend. She had twins but now was having yet another! What a handful.

What caught my eye however, was her nippy Bob stroller. There she was, in the middle of a shopping aisle with three children under 5 but somehow she managed. What gave her added advantage was that she was able to put the twins in the shopping trolley and let them play around with the not-so-easy-to-damage groceries while she manouvered her baby stroller along as she went through her list of things to buy.

An amazing woman with an amazing family using an amazing stroller!

Top of the Hill


My dog has discovered the pile of bricks stacked near his new sleeping place. When I come home from work, he will perch there, looking every inch proud of his elevated status. Reminds me of the lyrics song which goes, “…I’m at the top of heap, king of the hill…” sung by old blue eyes.

Ah yes, New York. That is some place. Someone told me that if you go there, there are some places which you must not miss. Miss Liberty of course is one.

The other would be the just-as-famous New York Yankees. Apparently it is not easy to get New York Yankees tickets. BUT if you are willing to pay… anything can happen!

For me, I would be happy just to get a free trip there!

I think I will move my dog. Otherwise those same few lines of the song will reverberate each time I see him….

More than Posture!


It would appear that my backache woes are not entirely due to bad posture!

It is, as I feared, possibly due to my weight.

I’ve actually been very, very good – I haven’t put back the weight I lost, despite pigging out a few times a week!

I guess I still need to lose more weight to be more comfortable and healthy.

I wonder which are the best diet pills? There are so many to choose from!

Today, being my day off and a time to catch up on things, I shall go online and do some research!

Posture Helps


It has been an alien sensation for some time now. I never thought it would return.

I refer to an old ailment – backache.

For years I had suffered from this, brought on by an old injury. On a regular basis, I would be in such pain that the only relief I could get would be to have my Hubby step on my back while I lay flat down on the beanbag. I would fall asleep that way!

Then for a season, the pain ceased. To say that I felt relief is putting it mildly.

Now however, I find that the pain is back.

And I wonder if it is because of the way I sit to do my work. My desk. The layout. Twisting my body and all. Perhaps it is time to take a look at new office furniture and see if there is any improvement….

What a Day!


It’s been a busy week and an especially busy day. Three back-to-back meetings on top ot my work.

Worse, on top of that, I found that I couldn’t access my data! My laptop, bless it, is fast losing its war against getting old. It’s over 3 years old, served many masters, and is about to retire.

Then, just when I thought it could not get worse, I found that I didn’t have any backup to the file I needed!

I should have known better. I should have got a compact flash card and regularly backed up.

Thank God the memory loss is not too bad!



It has been a tragic few days.

I am in bereavement, albeit temporary.

I know I shall recover.

“But how long,” is my cry.

Please excuse my silence and lack of posting.

My wireless router has died.

Words fail me now. I shall be back later…..



Almost everyone I know is into blogging

and then I came across this interesting article…..

It was inevitable: Bloggers who previously wrote endlessly about everything from politics to tech tips to how to fry an egg on a hot sidewalk can now take their commentary, advice and random experiments to the next level by filming and broadcasting their work, thanks to the latest web trend — video blogging.

Video blogs — also known by their shorter, clunkier name, vlogs — are blogs that primarily feature video shorts instead of text.

“We’re going from being media consumers to media makers. We’re learning how to do that,” said Chuck Olsen, a documentary filmmaker and video blogger in Minnesota. “There’s sort of a whole continuum between (videotaping) grandpa’s birthday and filmmaking.”

Anyone can “create media and have a distribution outlet for it that bypasses television and mainstream media,” Olsen said. “It’s like slightly curated cable-access.”

For more info on this, visit this site

A comment was made that we need to keep up with the progress of techology (otherwise we would be left too far behind). Do we?

Another observation was made that in a short while, even primary 1 children would need handphones! Would they?
Employers are issuing 3G phones to their staff. In so doing, they can ring and check up where their staff are! Should they?

However we view these, one thing is for sure – this technology and its uses is going to be here to stay. If advances in the past have seemed to be big steps in transforming society, (automobile, radio, television, etc) I believe this era is going to see even greater strides. Being ostriches would not be the right reaction or response. Rather, we should seek to understand to the measure we can. We need to read widely in order to be able to communicate with all ages. Learning doesnt stop because formal education has. Learning is a lifelong process.

So, what about vlogging………….?

Mothers Day


After a hectic morning where I was sweating half the duration of the Sunday Service from running around, I got home and started doing this!

FlowersThere were some flowers left after the service, so I took some back and re-arranged.

Then we had some friends over for dinner. They were around to test Hubby’s getting-famous crispy skin pork. Needless to say he passed the test! You can see a picture of it at Big Mmmmomma. Go drool.

It was a good end to Mother’s Day!