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Information Overload


Since working at being more healthy, I have found people approaching me with all kinds of products to try. They recommend this and that to improve my health, my vitality, my skin, my brain, even my guts! Some products are to be eaten, others to be applied topically.

Each person swears by their product. Each one says theirs is the best. And they have the testimonies and facts to support.

Needless to say it is hard to decide what is good and otherwise!

During information overload times like this, I must say I am glad for the internet! I prefer to go for “other people’s opinions”. Too often I read of gullible people being taken in by good salesman pitch. That can not only damage your pocket, but also your health – the very thing you are trying to improve or preserve! In particular, products to be ingested If you swallow something, you can’t take it back out!

So I am thankful for sites such as this one for Colonix review. Sites like these help me to make informed decisions.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some surfing to do – internet surfing!