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A Free Trip Continued


Honestly, just when you think that the options are too many as it is, we get given more to choose from! Then it gets even better!

My uncle is based in Florida. Orlando to be precise. He’s been there for ages. Or so it seems to me.

But this uncle is no fuddy-duddy old white haired fella. Noooo, this uncle is only a few years older than I am! (And I am far from being a fuddy-duddy old white haired

Imagine getting an invite out of the blue from him! Go visit him, he says. Go take a break with him and his wife.

Wow, to have time out for Orlando vacations would be absolutely wonderful! My main problem would be the pocket – he hasn’t offered anything except accommodation for a few days.

But after looking at what Orlando has to offer, I must say that I might seriously consider… wouldn’t you?