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Planting Anew


After a spate of really dry weather, the inevitable happened.

Bush fires started.

No, nothing on the scale of Australia’s recent ones. (Speaking of which, my brother, his family and other relatives and friends are based there. It was fingernail-biting as the fires got closer. Much prayer went up!)

Nonetheless the bush fires here caused sufficient damage to kill some trees, causing them to fall over, blocking off the road access to our house. burnttreesIt was sad to see the lovely previously leafy trees being cut up. It made me think about increasing the plants in my house.

In particular, I was introduced to a nice plant with small flowers. Called arrowwood viburnum they look easy to plant and would be ideal for that corner of my garden where the workers have completed doing a bit of crazy paving.

That reminds me – I must take some photos of their work. Perhaps that will be my next post.