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Those Were the Days My Friend


It’s been a mad week. Hours seem to have gone missing in my life.

It is a far cry from my heyday when I was able to handle many things at one time. Ahhh those were the days! I was just reminded of this yesterday.

As I was rushing out of the office to run an errand, I received this text message on my phone! Jubilie'sSMsI had to remind him (the next day because I got toooooo busy) that I didn’t think it was two mobile phones going. It was one mobile phone and one phone at the table!

Yes, I do remember that moment when he “caught” me doing that. Amazing days then!

Nowadays, what a stark contrast.

I put a book into a bag and search high and low for it, close to panic as the book didn’t belong to me and I had to work on it.

I put down my reading glasses and can’t recall where, needing help to locate them.

I make an appointment with someone and nearly miss it – thanking God for reminders in the phone.

I agree to take on a task and find that I have run out of hours to get ready and initiate a mad scramble.

Those were the days indeed, my friend….