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On Mothers


In less than 24 hours, we will celebrate Mothers Day here.

Whilst I don’t like the idea of only making fuss of our Moms once a year, I can appreciate the need for this.

After having had primary infertility for 6 years before the birth of my first one, I like the idea of celebrating a special day with many mothers around the world (except those who follow the British calendar) There is a sense of being one of the club.

Having said that, I remember the hard times when I didn’t “belong”. I felt incomplete. I felt unworthy. I felt I had failed. Yes, I can still empathise with this special group…

Right now, though, it’s a poignant time.

For the first time since I have had children of my own, I will have the strange new feeling of not having one of them around. I guess this will increasingly happen.

There is one person who probably understand the complexities of this more than most mothers. She is the mother of 16, yes, sixteen children! There is a book written about her. Her daughter wrote it. Amazing. Feel free to check it out. She’s giving a copy of it away too.

In the meantime, Happy Mothers Day to my Mommy readers. May your arrows reach their intended targets!