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More than Posture!


It would appear that my backache woes are not entirely due to bad posture!

It is, as I feared, possibly due to my weight.

I’ve actually been very, very good – I haven’t put back the weight I lost, despite pigging out a few times a week!

I guess I still need to lose more weight to be more comfortable and healthy.

I wonder which are the best diet pills? There are so many to choose from!

Today, being my day off and a time to catch up on things, I shall go online and do some research!

Posture Helps


It has been an alien sensation for some time now. I never thought it would return.

I refer to an old ailment – backache.

For years I had suffered from this, brought on by an old injury. On a regular basis, I would be in such pain that the only relief I could get would be to have my Hubby step on my back while I lay flat down on the beanbag. I would fall asleep that way!

Then for a season, the pain ceased. To say that I felt relief is putting it mildly.

Now however, I find that the pain is back.

And I wonder if it is because of the way I sit to do my work. My desk. The layout. Twisting my body and all. Perhaps it is time to take a look at new office furniture and see if there is any improvement….