Brooding for Babies

No, not me! I am not the broody one!

My friend is!


(And if my friend S is reading this, she will surely shoot an email off to me to tease!)

But the truth be told, my friend is the broody one. She went to attend a baby shower and came back all ga-ga. I had to add, it was not just ANY baby shower. It was an angel baby shower. Difference? This was a real pro job.

What’s more, if you have been to any baby shower before, you would know that the person for whom this was being thrown would inevitably end up tired and frazzled because there was so much to do even after.

Well, with this concept where you let others do the organizing AND the clearing up after, those days will be a faint memory… why didn’t they have this during “my time”?! But no, I won’t be brooding for babies at my age just to experience this luxury!

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